MCA Renewals NOW CLOSED - Final Update

General discussion relating to club happenings and items related to Merkurs in general such as "Merkur sightings". If you just signed on, please feel to start a new thread and introduce yourself here. Posts specifically regarding either the XR4Ti or Scorpio should go in those specific forums. Feel free to make suggestions on improving this forum here as well.
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MCA Renewals NOW CLOSED - Final Update

Post by MagentaRed » Fri May 29, 2015 10:48 pm

The deadline for renewing your MCA membership for this year has passed.

The following members are current at least through March of 2016:

Anthony Acevedo, Brad Anesi, Don Arrowood, Frieda Aust, Jaimeson Barzie, David Baylor, Nicholas Beauchot, Joe Bilock, William Birmingham, Team Blitz (who is this?), Vincent Bonavita, Timothy Bortz, J.W. Bowman, Brian Boyer, John Brennan, Daryl Burton, Chris Cameron, Greg Campbell, Aundre Cassell, Gerald Chandler, Peter Cipolla, Brian Clancy, Charles Coughlin, Shawn Curtis, H. Walker Decker, Rick DaSilva, Gene DeRulle, Phil Dorsey, Colin Doyle, Chuck Draksler, Everitt DuPont, Bart Dyshuk, Michael Ebert, Rob Eddy, Constantine Efstathiou, Adam Escott, Martin Farber, Robert Fasano, Richard Franco, Donald Frost, James Gilbert, Tim Gordon, James Gosses, George Grant, Miguel Guzman, Lawrence Hallenbeck, Matthew Hamby, Brian Hart, Jeff Herson, Eric Hoffman, Joe Hoffman, Ron Hoffman, Gary Holliday, Jon Hubert, Henry Isaksen, Robert James, Daniel Jennings, Dick Johnson, Louis Juliano, Jeremy Kemp, Ushangy Kemshurov, Joseph Kessler, Gregory Kraus, Steve Kummerfeldt, Jeff Labonte, Jonathan Lane, Larry Lawrence, Ed Lijewski, Rob MacDonald, Craig Madsen, Alan Malis, Timothy Martinez, Courtney Mays, Mark McChesney, Scott McNeal, Lou Medina, Travis Metzler, Vernon Metzler, Jack Middleton, Bill Morgan, Sean O'Connor, Ryan Oliva, Nathan Omana, Mike Oyler, Daniel Payson, Mario Perez, Anthony Pinardi, Enzo Pocali, Melissa Pocali, Brandon Pocali, Sean Porter, Mario Prisc, VJ Prisc, Charles Reagan, David Reese, Robert Reinke, Les Roberts, Joshua Roth, Alex Rummel, Robert Saffian, Joel Sajban, David Schneider, George Schults, Christopher Senior, Lee Shepherd, Kraig Smith, Timothy Spencer, Patrick Sprague, Edward Stanley, Bill Stobbe, Kenneth Strom, Piotr Subkowski, Don Sweigart, Austin Sybert, Larry Synoweic, Jan Talian, Michael Thomas, Paul Tomczak, Carl Trost, Missy Veach-King, Will Villiado, Murray Walker, William Wallace, Robert Weir, George West, Paul West, Michael Whitlow, Ed Williams, Scott Williams, William Williams, Michael Wyatt, James Zayas. (132)

Thanks to all of you who renewed. We appreciate your support of the MCA.
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Re: MCA Renewals NOW CLOSED - Final Update

Post by hEaT » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:55 pm

Whoops, missed the deadline. Sorry.

Just sent through a 2-year renewal.

- Joe
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