NACS OPEN DAY (Date change, please read )

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NACS OPEN DAY (Date change, please read )

Post by N-A-C-S »

OK Guy's n Gals

Slight change of plans for us, we will be moving our open weekend to the 3rd weekend in August.

Reason being because once again we are having to move, by choice though this time, the shop we are currently in is way too small, we have out grown it rapidly, we have just leased another building 10 times the size of our current workshop which will allow us to work easier !

To say the least it's a tight squeeze where we are now, and when our container arrives with some of our stock and another 3 cossies we would have no where to put it all ! and we dont want Escort cossies, 3dr's and saffs to be sitting outside do we ! :(

Wilky knows where were coming from, he's seen our current place !

So, not to be doing things by half, the new shop will be well equipped, 3 hoists, engine building room, engineers room ( lathe etc ), urethane room, fibreglass room with trim booth, full paint booth, graphics vynl cutting room, a display area and frontage, really pushing the boat out !

We hope this doesn't but the brakes on some of your plans for the visit, hopefully it'll give you all some more time to save !

Also we are now moving into Focus's ( i hear the groans already LOL ) well we got the full wide european RS body for the focus so we'll be doing those, plus i'll be doing Focus turbo conversions again ( been a while ) but is like riding a bike :D , importing all things RS now, we are going to be bringing in RS Turbo's too, and we'll be building a RWD focus with cossie power :drool:

Lot's going on on the open weekend, trophies and prizes, Cossies galore, big screen British touring cars, BBQ, more parts than you can shake a stick at.

Come and support us people, all invited and welcome

Best regards
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Rocky Leitch
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Post by Rocky Leitch »

Thanks for the update and invite.
I think my concern is what is needed now
days to get across the boarder.? I do not
have a passport and getting one in short order
is nuts!!!
So, my question to you folks from The Great White
North is what was the boarder crossing like? Did you
have to have passports or what?

Hellooo Nurse!!
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Post by John Brennan »

My understanding is that the requirement has been postponed due to the overwhelming flood of requests for passports that the ill-conceived notion induced. :wink: :roll:

Just another example of the Government's proficiency in the management of border affairs, and a glimpse into a likely future with certain immigration bills should they be successful in ramming them down our throats against our will. :x
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Ed Lijewski
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Post by Ed Lijewski »

If I understand the question/issue, the Gummint recently said that an application for a passport/vise would suffice for people planning on entering the Hew Hess of Hay. :wink:

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Post by Wilky RS/XR »

Rocky Leitch wrote:So, my question to you folks from The Great White
North is what was the boarder crossing like? Did you
have to have passports or what?
We folks from the GWN don't need a passport to get into Canada or the USA by any means other than a plane but then again we are Canadians and your not. :lol:

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Post by worked_xr »

No action on this thread in nearly 2 months. So is it still going on?
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Post by mikerobison »

I was planning on going, but Shipping was cheaper that the trip, So... I opted for the Items to be shipped. I have talked with Daz a couple times this week and he is working frantically to finish up the new shop; lots of grinding and hammering noises on the other end of the phone. I am still a little bummed I won't be going.
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