Parts to sell/buy at Carlisle

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 4-6, 2004.
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Parts to sell/buy at Carlisle

Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

Have parts to sell? Need a particular part? Use this thread to post your "Wanted" and "For Sale" Merkur parts for delivery/pick-up at Carlisle. This is particularily useful for those big and/or heavy parts that are difficult and expensive to ship. Please keep in mind, Carlisle Productions prohibits the promotion and sales of parts on the show-field, so please keep your transactions discreet and private.

I'll start it off by indicating that I've got the last two remaining XR4Ti Quad Conversion headlight grilles available in the country for $249. This includes the fiberglass grille and headlight brackets. Headlights are available separately. Pics located here:

Contact me off-line at to arrange delivery or further details.

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New adjustable waste gate actuator

Post by Merkur »

New adjustable waste gate actuator. Bought from BAT a year ago and never fitted. $110.

BAT part number M521WA2. Page 25 in catalog $124.50 plus shipping.

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sale items

Post by tannehilln »

I have a few items I will be bringing

The bi-plane spoilers are negotiable and I will bring only if I have interest in them -- the hoses I normally sell for $45.00 US which includes shipping Carlisle special $40 us I will have tow of each unless more are ordered in advance 8)

I may be adding some powder coated items so check back later --
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Post by anglin »

If I manage to make Carlisle this year, I will be bringing massive amounts of new brake components for the XR and the Scorpio.

Of course when I was decided how I should divide up the purchase between XR and Scorpio parts, I used the magic 1:1.93 ratio that Paul West has discovered. No, not really.

I have a few other new trinkets besides brake hardware. In the meanwhile, you can see the parts list here:

Parts are available for shipping/purchase now if you can't wait or you're not coming to Carlisle.

---- Edit; 24 May 04 ----

It's confirmed that I'm going to be at Carlisle, so I'm offering a special deal on this stuff. Read on.

All items listed below are priced to blowout at Carlisle. I need to
liquidate the money I have tied up in this stuff so I can move on to other
projects (like an external WG downpipe designed for the XR). These items
are pickup/delivery at Carlisle, PA, during the All-Ford weekend only (June
3-5). All parts are new. No shipping of stuff at these prices. Other
details below.

Here's parts and pricing info:

Brembo front brake rotors (set of 2) - $50.00
rear brake drum - $20.00
(only one availble, pricing reflects this)
rear brake shoe set (both sides) - $20.00
wheel cylinder (rear drum) set of 2 (both sides) - $15.00
front strut (Gabriel) - $15.00
(only one availble, pricing reflects this)

clutch disc/pressure plate set (stock T9) - $75.00
oil pressure switch - $3.00
air filter/fuel filter set - $6.00
(cheaper than the fuel filter alone, BTW)
rear wiper motor (remanufactured) - $30.00

front brake rotors (set of 2) - $50.00
rear brake rotor - $20.00
(only one available, pricing reflects this)

Both Models:
Axxis Metalmaster front brake pads - $50.00
(with pad sensor wiring)
caliper guide pin (set of 2, does one caliper) - $5.00
(for front XR or Scorpio calipers)

Parts can be reserved by paying in advance. Just []email me ([/url] to make arrangements. If you don't want to pay in advance you can just browse what I have at the showfield or in the hotel parking lot. With limited quantities of these parts, though, I wouldn't wait to look the stuff over. []Email me[/url] now and you won't have to worry about it!
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Post by xr4racing »

I can deliver these parts to Carlisle:

T3/T4, .63 Stage III turbine, T04B 50 trim compressor, Turbonetics housings, 360 bearings, 2 ¾ inlet and 2â€
Craig Madsen
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XR parts priced to sell – Carlisle 2004

Post by Craig Madsen »

Over 150 XR parts are now for sale for delivery at Carlisle 2004. Not wanting to violate Carlisle showfield rules, I will be bringing only parts that are paid and/or spoken for prior to loading up and making the trip. A list of parts, prices, and some pictures is available at (Click on the underlined items to see a picture.)

This is procedure I’d like to follow:
1) Send inquiries to : please put the Item number in the subject line
2) Give me a day to respond
3) When I respond that the part is still available and ‘yours’, you’ll have a day to send a confirming response.
4) Depending on the amount and/or items of the order, my response may request prepayment. Paying via Paypal is appreciated – pay to :
5) Parts for which I don’t receive prepayment will be loaded as space allows – no guarantee of delivery.

That’s it. Thanks.
Craig Madsen - Indianapolis
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Post by TheMadcap »

I got a few odds & ends that I will be bringing to Carlisle this year. I don't have a list made up so I'll probably just post whatever I have whenever I find it! Make me offers!


complete black dash ---------> very nice shape one or two very small cracks is all that is visible.

Stock radio & equalizer

Stock Fog lights

Hood-----------> burgundy, in good condition

Rear pop out windows-------------> early brown tint

A complete set of black cloth seats (with working heat)----------> If I can find someone with good conditioned black leather fronts I will let these go.


Dash top ----------->very nice shape, small crack near defrost vent is all

Drk Grey leather drivers seat --------> slight wear on left bolster, otherwise mint!

set of rear lights

hatch reflector piece


various interior trim pieces

More to come!
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Post by Merkur »

Does anybody have a passenger door 'pocket' in black?

The plastic piece with black carpetting insert this gets used by the misinformed passenger to close the door - resulting in the screw heads pulling through!


Ed Lijewski
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Post by Ed Lijewski »

"The plastic piece with black carpetting insert this gets used by the misinformed passenger to close the door" Would that be a euphemism for the little woman or the rugrats? LOL
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Stuff available at carlisle

Post by TBNPLR »

Hello everybody,

I have a bunch of interior stuff I'm bringing. Mostly small things.
Clock, bulb indicator, seatbelts, 85 mph cluster, misc wiring, throttle cable, automatic kick down cable, some other stuff too.

If you are interested My contour will be with the SVT group and has a TN plate on it.

My cell # is 931-581-0913

see you all there :)

-Chris S.