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The Merkur Club of America Forums • Carlisle 2004 Sponsors - Please Read
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Carlisle 2004 Sponsors - Please Read

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 12:53 pm
Thanks to everyone who attended Carlisle 2004. Once again, Merkurs
dominated the show field and we once again took home the top club attendance
award. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Merkur, and I am throwing down
the challenge early... 200 cars or bust!!! Circle June 3-5, 2005 on you
calendar now!

I want to take this moment to thank our sponsors. Without their support,
the cost for each one of you would be higher, and we wouldn't have a bunch
of neat prizes to hand out at the banquet Saturday night or to fill your
goody bags with. I know you've heard this before, but it bears repeating:
Take care of those who take care of us. Please consider making your
purchases with our sponsors whenever feasible. In particular, I want to
point out that all four of our gold sponsors have been with us for several
years now, and their loyalty should inspire ours in return. Please save
this message in your "Merkur archives" for future reference.

Gold Sponsors

BAT Inc. 941.355.0005

Meguiars 800.347.5700

An Open Mind 973.514.1306

Hartwood Automotive 540.752.2300

Silver Sponsors

www.merkurxr4ti.com Air/water Intercoolers and other unique parts for the

www.boostvalve.com Adjustable boost control valves for turbo-charged motors

http://www.bitsprings.com/prodmain.htm Custom Air/fuel meter for all

www.yourautotrim.com Broad selection of headliner, carpet, etc for all cars

http://www.key-ideas.com/DavidGodfreyPage.htm David Godfrey's engineering

http://www.maxpsiracing.com/ Reasonably priced stainless steel braided
lines - custom and stock applications

Individual donations provided by...

Steve Radosevich (uroford@yahoo.com) Stainless steel hose clamps
Rick DaSilva (dasilva@netsurf.net) Merkur embroidered shirts
Tony Vissoc (tvissoc@team-v.net Allen-head half-shaft bolt kits
Mark Hamilton (markhamilton71@hotmail.com) Hood prop bushings
Ryan Mattson (rmattson@company23.com) Merkur Desktop T-shirts

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2004 2:13 pm
Someone was asking about this today, so I just thought I'd bring it back up to the top of the list.... :)