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Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 4-6, 2004.
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Post by mhamilton » Fri Jun 18, 2004 10:38 pm

Ed, now that I have meet you, I too understand your posts! :?

Wilky, aren't you the guy on Braveheart that was that tried to make it with Mel Gibsons' (William Wallaces') wife? :oops:

Ed Lijewski
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Post by Ed Lijewski » Mon Jun 21, 2004 2:21 pm

Well, I'm only admitting what others are feeling, one way or another :D

For example, Wilky noted that Fast Ford hardly slept in his motel bed; what do you suppose he was hunting in that darkness--snipe??? :P :P ?

And Major General Fastmaul (aka, the next Great Communicator, at least in terms of posts :D ) referred to us above as "me fellow Forumettes" rather than Forumites. I admit it doesn't sound as good as something ending in "ettes" but this suggests even the GC (aka FM) is subconsciously sending a message for greater feminine representation at the next Carlisle.

[After all, there's only so much of S. Rutherford to go around. :D ]