1988 Scorpio for sale..

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1988 Scorpio for sale..

Post by house » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi - I have a 1988 Merkur Scorpio that I need to sell. It is in fantastic condition ! It is loaded up with most or all options available that year. It has been parked in a garage since 1998. The intention was to put some time and effort in to repairing the few things needed, then putting her back on the road. The head liner came loose, so that needs work, need to replace the front control arm bushings, as well as anything else that may have dry rotted over time. Gas in the tank is old, so that must be addressed.
Email me if you have an interest. I hate getting rid of her, as she was the most enjoyable auto I ever owned, but sadly, it's time to move on.
The vehicle can be seen in Strongsville, Ohio - about 20 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio.
To those that emailed me regarding the '88 Scorpio for sale, I lost your emails due to my fat fingering some email maintenance that really went bad. The Scorpio is now out of the garage and is being cleaned up. She looks pretty good after just rinsing off. I'd like to post up some pictures I've taken after only rinsing her off, but will have to spend some time learning how to do that. Perhaps just posting up my email address for those interested would suffice. If you have serious interest. I could manage sending pictures via email without a hitch.
The car is located in Strongsville, Ohio, about 15 miles south of Cleveland. I'll edit this later after conferring on the best method. Thanks for your interest. I'd far prefer offering this car to a club member, than offering for general sale.

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Re: 1988 Scorpio for sale..

Post by MarkM » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:13 am


Just FYI, when you edited your original post, it didn't show up as a new post in the thread, so most likely no one would have noticed you'd updated it. Creating a new post in the thread would have shown up in the unread posts list. This post should serve that function, so just keep it in mind for future reference.

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