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The Merkur Club of America Forums • 1988 Brabazon Scorpio for sale - excellent condition - SOLD.
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1988 Brabazon Scorpio for sale - excellent condition - SOLD.

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:46 pm
by caleyfan
I have too many cars for the time I have available so I have reluctantly decided to move two of my beloved Merkurs on. I have two excellent Scorpios to list (this one for an 88 and later an 89 with unique chameleon paintwork) and will be listing at least one excellent low mileage 1985 XR4Ti in due course (when I can pluck up the courage and force myself).

Here is the listing for the 1988 Scorpio. It is in excellent condition throughout and drives great.
It has original 112725 miles on original speedometer. Link to pictures at foot of listing.

Specific details;

Stock vehicle (exterior and interior) - no modifications.
Auto transmission.
Original Brabazon paint with just one tiny rust bubble on leading edge of hood from a stone chip (was there when I purchased the vehicle 3 years ago).
Strangely the original owner's initials are stenciled on the top edge of the front doors in gold leaf. They could be removed but I decided to leave them.
No obvious rust on the vehicle other than issue listed above. Underside is extremely clean.
Spice leather interior with no cuts, holes etc. Some creasing on driver's seat as expected for age / mileage but the other seats look almost new.
Electric front / rear seats (no seat heating).

All electronics work with the following exceptions;
ABS light illuminates and ABS system does not operate but brakes work perfectly.
Rev counter has typical Scorpio issue of working but out of calibration (above about 1500rpm the clock is not accurate - I estimate it reads about half what the actual engine revs really are). There is a fix for this on the forum but I just have not had time to do it.
Volume control on original Ford radio does not operate properly (radio comes on but goes immediately to full volume).

Mechanically extremely sound. Only issues I am aware of are;
Front rotors are slightly warped (mild vibration under braking). I have a new set and will be replacing them along with the pads (or will give them to the new owner to do).
The A/C system works but does not blow really cold. All components appear to work including the compressor and I believe the refrigerant needs to be recharged. I was planning to replace it with an R22 substitute, but again never had the time.

I am the third owner. Original owner had the car until about 2012, was then owned by his son-in-law and then by me since 2014. I was told the original owner only used the car in good weather. Looking at the condition of the vehicle I can believe it.

I replaced the oil with Castrol GTX high mileage oil last September and replaced the oil and air filters with appropriate K&N part numbers. I also replaced all the plugs with the appropriate Champion part numbers.

I have garaged the car 100% of the time I have owned it and only drive it for pleasure and in good weather. It typically sits for a couple of months between runs and always starts without fail. There are no oil leaks worth mentioning.

The tires are in good condition but I estimate they will need to be changed within the next 3-5K miles.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible with my description and I will be happy to answer any questions by phone or email and send pictures via email - just contact me on this post.

The vehicle is located in York, PA. I do not have any means to transport the vehicle personally but am willing to work with anyone to ensure safe transportation from my home.

The vehicle is currently registered as an Antique vehicle. If anyone in PA buys the vehicle I am happy to pass on the Antique plate when it is re-registered.

It also comes with a nice custom made Covercraft indoor cover with mirror pockets.

Someone who knows Merkurs will definitely appreciate this Scorpio and I want to offer it to the Merkur community before putting it on general sale. I'm asking $3.5K and will negotiate around that figure. If you see it and drive it I'm sure you will realize it is worth every cent.


http://s349.photobucket.com/user/caleyf ... %20Scorpio

Re: *Reduced to sell* 1988 Brabazon Scorpio - excellent condition.

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:18 pm
by caleyfan
Similar story to my 89 for sale.
I need to move some cars on due to storage issues. This Scorpio is kept in a garage and runs really well. I drove it 45 miles this weekend without any issues. No leaks, very strong drivetrain and body. Needs some brake work - brakes in a straight line but the are not as efficient as they should be.
Car is currently registered as an Antique vehicle in PA.
Would like this to go to a Merkur enthusiast and I will consider all sensible offers.

Re: 1988 Brabazon Scorpio for sale - excellent condition - REDUCED PRICE.

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:59 pm
by caleyfan

Thanks for looking.

Re: 1988 Brabazon Scorpio for sale - excellent condition - SOLD.

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:03 pm
by caleyfan

Re: 1988 Brabazon Scorpio for sale - excellent condition - SOLD.

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:50 pm
by blugg
sold quickly to!!!