A4LD trans core, parts etc... In Longmont CO 80503

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A4LD trans core, parts etc... In Longmont CO 80503

Post by milehighXR » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:17 pm

I have an A4LD trans that I rebuilt to mostly beefed up specs. I think I sliced a seal as I put it together, cuz it never had od, and IIRC when i took the Scorpio it was in off the road, reverse was also gone. Oil did not smell burnt. I have not opened it up to dissect it, and see what I did wrong. Mostly because IF I keep my XR and drive it, I won't be driving it enough to get the engine or the trans hot enough to boil out the water that the oil will absorb. My drive to and from work is 3.5mi, and my intent is to ride the bicycle when the weather permits.

The trans was rebuilt using this kit: https://transmissioncenter.net/shop/a4l ... -and-more/ I can't locate my notes on what the clearances and stack ups were when I got done. All the guts are inside of a 4.0L V-6 4x4 exploder case which has "750n-M cast into it". I updated the low/reverse sprag, and used as many of the 4.0L parts as I could, including the snap shell, and matching sun shell. I machined the pressure plates so more clutches could fit(od has at least 4, and intermediate, and forward clutches has 6-7ea). I used ZC servos(the biggest available), and the converter was brand new from Branting industries in Aurora CO. I also did all the upgrades found in the A4LD update manual from ATSG(book will be included).

Spare parts included:

TC bell housings for install into XR, or any other 2.3L turbo ford.

1 tailshaft, and matching shaft to allow for the last 6 pinion steel planet to be used. This will bring it up to full 4.0L V-6 specs throughout the trans. I didn't install it in the first place, because I only acquired it later when I tore down another Scorpio trans I had purchased in a lot of parts. I was never able to order this particular shaft brand new from Dacco even though their catalog list it. That trans was an odd duck, compared to the other A4LDs I have torn open.

a few extra trans pans, one deep 2wd, and one 4x4. These are deeper than the pan that the early 88 Scorpio had(I've been given filter kits from Napa, no less, that had the filter for the deep 2wd pan) so if you use a deeper pan, make sure you order the right filter kit, there's 3 different ones.

extra tc valve bodies, all need cleaning, all need looking at.

extra seal kit(maybe 2, or maybe only enough for 1.6 trannies)

Printout of: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/ind ... ct.117793/ (simply so I could refer back to it when I was building the trans without getting oil all over the laptop)

A4LD rebuild manual from Ford this is a binder that a dealer tech would have had.

ATSG rebuild manual and update manual. The ATSG manual can be found online for free, but hard copy is always nice.

I really want the trans and the parts gone to someone that will use them. I'm planning on going with a manual trans in my XR(assuming I don't unload it too, and save to buy a Focus RS, or just get a Focus ST for the short term)

So first $250.00 that shows up on my doorstep (Local pick up only, I don't have time to work on my XR most weeks let alone time to crate a trans for leak free shipping). Gets it all. This is a screaming deal for someone that has the skills to fix what I didn't get right/rebuild it. I bet it would only take a seal kit, and fresh oil to git 'er done. There's over $1200.00 in parts alone inside the trans.

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