FS: Merkur parts available in NJ

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FS: Merkur parts available in NJ

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In my thirty years of Merkur ownership, I have accumulated a proverbial sh*t ton of parts. Like Scott Williams, I am downsizing and all these parts have to go. I am not particularly interested in packing up individual parts and shipping them as I am packing up the whole house and spending some time at the new place and some at the old one.

If anyone is interested in several large bins of parts, sorted into interior trim etc, Electrical gauges, lamps, Electrical assemblies like EEC and warning lamp computers, Engine sensors etc, Let me know. I am thinking $100 a box.

I also have a complete running engine taken from my son's XR and prepared by Cliff Walton, an Limited Slip Diff from that same car, Another complete head assembly, spare turbo(s), throttle body, radiators etc. Too many parts to list.

As I said - all of these have to go. Ideally someone within shot of Northern Jersey comes here and takes the lot in exchange for a suitcase full of cash. But then again, it's not an ideal world! Let me know what works.

Paul West
Oakland, NJ
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Paul "the Brit" West
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