Just brought a Scorp back to life, need help with the engine

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Post by Chuck W »

Do you happen to have any more info on what Aerostar filter you used? (part number? model year?)
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Post by ScorpioCDN »

Hi chuck,

The Fram filter is G3802A and you can see the rigt filter for scorpio at Fram catalog:


The right filter
for Scorpio is G3744 but around $23

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Re: Just brought a Scorp back to life, need help with the engine

Post by thlamers »

After thirty years of driving Scorpios finally discovered a cause of the cold stumble these cars frequently display. Not actually the Idle Air Control valve but the electrical contacts to that valve.

The connector near the fan blades has a much less secure sealing design than most of the other engine controls. Just a face seal aganist sponge rubber as opposed to multiple-lip, solid rubber seals. Not only does this allow moisture and grime into the contacts but it also allows some motion between the sockets and pins.

Solution which seem to work is to flush the connector and plug with spray contact cleaner, then scrub and polish the contacts with a fine dental brush to remove oxide and dirt, :D then fill the connector and socket with a silicone grease. Engine now behaves as it should and has a very steady idle. A hot start problem is also gone.

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Re: Just brought a Scorp back to life, need help with the engine

Post by brokencase »

Best vindication for Koprshield than I've ever heard!
https://www.specialized.net/cp8-tb-thom ... -8-oz.html

Applied to my IAC connector... Not to mention all relay contacts in the relay box...and any other connector I encounter.

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