How Many XR4Ti's were Manuf.?

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How Many XR4Ti's were Manuf.?

Post by Baldy_54 »

How many are still on the road in the States and Canada today? Just a rough guess.
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Post by mikerobison »

I have 2 in the States
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Post by 85xr4 »

I was also wondering about the number remainnig on the road. I think there were originally 40,000 shipped to the states, around 10,000 per year. Could be wrong but I think this is what I read a few years back.
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Post by EVIL_XR4 »

They are out there....i was coming home from a trip to the junkyard last weekend and came onto the highway and to my surprise i pulled RIGHT next to a white XR right from the on shocked the hell out of me. Plus i found one sitting next to a barn back in my home town. They're getting pretty scarce though, i remember when i was a kid you'd see them a lot more often. Then again they're in their 20s now so age is catching up quick.
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Post by thrashperformance »

after this last race season there is one less. mine went into the wall very hard and it is done.
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Post by xr4man »

i seem to remember seeing the number 44,000 somewhere. i think in 89 there was only like 3 or 4k made.
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Post by bw_krupp »

Does that include all those sold in Canuckistan? Did they sell Merkurs in Mexico as well?
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Post by merkurdriver »

The answers*: (although somewhat debateable, 99% accurate)
*click the Quick Facts link on the left
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Post by JediTalen »

Directly from the Manufacturers Archivist (these numbers do not include the Scorpio):

The Merkur was built at the Rheine plant from 1984 til 1988.
45, 368 vehicles were produced. The production numbers
of the single years as follows:

1984 819
1985 16,438
1986 12,575
1987 8,568
1988 6,968

If we can provide you with further information, please let us know.

Best regards,

Karin Schlesiger

Wilhelm Karmann GmbH
- Historisches Archiv -
Karmannstrasse 1
49084 Osnabrueck
Telefon: +49 541 581 2932
Telefax: +49 541 581 132932
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