DO NOT POST an XR4Ti For Sale Without Reading This Thread

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Post by xr4man » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:12 am

i like it. the more info a person posts about their car, the more interested i would be in checking it out.
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Post by anglin » Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:36 am

Frag wrote:WTF are we selling here? A number matching shelby here?

there is shuch a thing as too much information here.
Excellent points. I'll work on making sure it is a balanced combination of information.

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Re: DO NOT POST an XR4Ti For Sale Without Reading This Threa

Post by milehighXR » Sun Nov 18, 2007 1:25 pm

anglin wrote: Information you really, really should include:

- LOCATION (city, state, country)
- your email address (because you may never check for private messages)
- phone number (if you feel comfortable)
- price (and currency if not US dollars)
- pictures (the Picture Pages proves that a picture is worth 1000 words, but that doesn't mean you get to skimp on the information you provide in your post)

Here is the info you should provide:

- year
- mileage (and units if it is miles or km)
- body color
- interior color
- sunroof or no sunroof
- seat fabric (cloth or leather) and seat fabric pattern (advanced sellers)
- wheels (phone dial, spatula, aftermarket)
- manual or automatic transmission (if manual, has it been upgraded to a T5?)

Include a "Good:" and "Bad:" section along with a thorough list of modifications (if you have done them), recent work, etc. Here's an example:
anglin wrote:Good:
- gray herringbone cloth interior in very good shape
- uncracked dash
- fiberglass Cosworth grill (MC Rally)

- paint on right front fender bubbling up from rust underneath
- needs a new driver's side motor mount
- stock radio doesn't turn off (I just keep the volume turned down when I want it off)

- Borla stainless steel dual outlet exhaust with 2.5" stainless downpipe
- 17x7 Stilauto wheels with Kumho MX tires with about 7000 miles on them (215/40 front, 225/45 rear)
- mc²racing polyurethane and aluminum differential mount

Recent Work:
- spark plug wires replaced
- cap and rotor replaced
- oxygen sensor replaced
Here are things prospective XR4Ti buyers like to know:

- does the dash have cracks
- does the heater produce heat
- does the air conditioning work
- does it have a cracked windshield
- does the car include extras (shop manual, parts car, snow tires, etc.)
- when were the tires replaced
- are you an original owner or what "number" owner are you
- is there visible rust on the body of the car and how much

There are some other year-specific things that buyers are/might be interested in (some of them for advanced sellers):

- low oil dipstick sensor on the dash or not (1987)
- Merkur emblem or Merkur script on hatch (1987 and 1987.5)
- wide or narrow transmission tunnel (1987, advanced sellers)
- 1989 cooling system (1988 and 1989, coolant bottle on driver's side of engine compartment)

Here's an example of what your for-sale post should NOT look like:
Anonymous wrote:Excellent condition, well maintained, low mileage. Make an offer.
Yes, that was all the car-related detail listed in the thread. This sort of post only leads to questions and can turn a semi-interested buyer away in hurry. It is possible that this anonymous seller had to answer the same questions over and over in individual messages to all of the people who replied.

These aren't rules. They are just recommendations. You can show your interest in selling the car to a prospective buyer by putting a teensy bit of effort in your original post. Buyers will respond with proportional interest.

(If this is going to be "sticky-ified" please review and suggest further info; I'll trim and edit as necessary. If someone could also include the method for posting pictures hosted on a service, I will include that as well.)
Adding Scorpio stuff, everything above that does NOT deal with the engine( or the XRs specific idiot lights no electronic dipstick on the Scorp) applies to the Scorpio as well

Early or late 88(you can tell by the seats the fastest)
EATC functioning or not
Last time the A4LD was rebuilt(if ever, and what type of rebuild[this will become a bigger issue after someone gets off his ass and starts building hybrid A4s...])
Does any of the power stuff work(fr seats, rr seats, fuel door, all windows, rear power seat cutout function, etc...)
ODO function(it's eletronic, and the gear likes to break)
auto or manual(not many of those)
2.3T conversion or not or some other engine conversion
E-85 conversion(this will become more prevelant I predict,and should go for both vehicles)
any other mods made to the car by PO, or current owner(if not being sold by orig owner) such as but not limited to tailgate solenoid bypass, and a fuel door bypass

and anyhting else I or anyone else that has a Scorpio can think of to mention in an ad. I keep thinking of things that prspective buyers would look for(buyers guide, not info to put in an ad).

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