Turn signal not canceling and hatch lock

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Turn signal not canceling and hatch lock

Post by GPz11 »


The turn signal doesn't cancel from making a right turn. I know on old GM cars, there was a little spring that needed replacing but I'm not working on a old GM car. So what is needed to repair this issue?

Also the hatch doesn't lock when you turn the key in the driver's door. I can hear the solenoid making noise but no locking. Also when I put the key in the hatch lock, it won't turn. I assume the no turn would be to take it apart and clean it up but how about the no lock from the driver's door?

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Post by LS2XR4 »

I would assume that if you cant turn the hatch lock with the key. maybe that's the reason the power lock is not opening it either. Might be stuck.

Free it up and see if the power part works for you. if not then it would be just the rod cam off the soleniod
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Post by hEaT »

The power solenoid usually blows the cheap, pot-metal hatch lock apart. It sounds like you need a new one unfortunately. Also, when do you get a new one in, unplug that solenoid as it will only do the same thing to the new one.

It was the first thing I did when I got my car.
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Post by merkurdriver »

You'll probably need to replace the turn signal stalk as well as the hatch lock assembly - they're common failure items on these cars unfortunately. Have good used ones of both available if you're in the need.
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