Merkur XR4Ti heavier then Sierra XR4i

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Re: Merkur XR4Ti heavier then Sierra XR4i

Post by milehighXR »

Larry Velk wrote: I took some scrap to the junkyard in our XR once and it weighed about 2 900, on their scales.

Weird, the info I have from a MVMA report from Ford about the XR4Ti states that what we got was 2920lbs with auto trans and full tank of fuel minus driver, IIRC. I'll look at it again. I can't scan it anymore cuz my scanner broke...

The auto trans is heavier than the T-9, this I know form personal experience.

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Re: Merkur XR4Ti heavier then Sierra XR4i

Post by Larry Velk »

Maybe kinda a new topic, but.....
We drive our cars year around and the XR's with Blizzaks are OK in the snow. They have decent, but not great, weight distribution (especially since we run an 80# sand bag over the rear wheels) and a control oriented driving position. At circa 2 900, lbs they need the skinny tires. Our 325Ci (the BMW 2-dr coupe) is near 3 600lbs, but has huge tires relative to the XR. We got the narrowest Blizzaks listed for the BMW and with stability and traction control AND better weight distribution than an XR, it drives about the same in the snow! It does stop way better with the antilock. I'd guess the tires are narrower by a greater percentage than the weight is less.
Above based on experience - as I taught physics, the theory also holds based on friction formulas. Didn't measure the tires, but our XR tire looks mighty skinny next to the meats on the BMW. Our 928 with snows is better than the XR except for visibility, which is poor in the winter.
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Re: Merkur XR4Ti heavier then Sierra XR4i

Post by BanditKoval »

i already driven her in the snow many times.. honestly its alot of fun xD easy to keep under control too
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