t5 conversion...

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t5 conversion...

Post by BanditKoval »

how hard is it to convert a c3 to a t5? and what might be needed.. im starting to get bored of auto and plus the fact that the trans cant handle power is kinda like awww.. so i figured why not get a t5 and give her some needed power
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Larry Velk
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Re: t5 conversion...

Post by Larry Velk »

I got my pedals, flywheel and clutch from Jeff at Merkur Midwest. Bought the T5, bell and clutch lever from a guy parting an SVO Mustang, so no issues with the pilot bushing. Bought the expensive 2 piece DS from Rapido. I had a clutch cable from who-knows-where and the speedo cable reused. Jeff may have helped also with a firewall rubber grommet - I recall I did a stock set-up, but I can't recall where those pieces came from or if all XR's have a plate there. I just don't remember. Also bought the pricey Euro console from Jeff (all his parts were reasonable, but since the console is a "luxury", even $10 is a lot!). All worked well, but a guibo is nice if you want it as smooth as stock. Even with a good DS alignment and a 2-piece shaft, a guibo is really needed. If Fiat 124's have them, you need them with IRS - unless you have a very short shaft like a Corvette or E-Type.
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