Rally XR4Ti build

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Re: Rally XR4Ti build

Post by m2motorsport » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:37 pm

So been a bit busy lately sorry for the lack of progress updates , and I've also been waiting for some cage pieces to turn up. But since these have arrived it's a green light for the rest of the way.
Car is at KRR in Kamloops having the FIA T45 cage welded in, all the Wilwood 4 pot brake setups and Tilton floor mounted peddle box are in the shop. ATL Welcel 12 Gal fuel cell and single lift and single main pump Radium FCST surge tank is ready to go. The Evo Corse wheels were dropped off.
I have gone with the PimpX and full loom that will tie in using Canbus to the Aim MXL dash and GPS driven speedo. All the old loom has been ditched in anticipation of a self made Milspec wiring setup with just the wires I need not all the silly extras.
The goal is to get the car to be right on 2900# as this is the lowest weight before I have to install a 32mm turbo restrictor to meet CARS O2wd rules.
I did have another good result with buying spares! I bought an engine and gearbox combo from a failed project in Edmonton for $100, when I got it home I thought it looked like someone had removed the intake and head so I investigated.... Lo and behold I found a gutted upper and knife edged lower, looked a little closer and found the head has had the intake runners opened up and valve stems cleaned up, I will be taking the head off to check the rest of it in the next few days.
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Re: Rally XR4Ti build

Post by dhraakoxr » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:32 pm

Cool build man, good luck! I look forward to the updates.

Too bad I just left Calgary in June, it would have been awesome to see this thing.

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