Anglin's Racer Build and History

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Re: Anglin's Racer Build and History

Post by anglin » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:37 pm

jetrinka wrote:Wow, just read this whole thread. A lot of stuff thats way beyond my understanding as of now but it sure makes me thankful for the guys here who can do this kind of R&D.
It's a heck of a thread. Hopefully I can get back to adding value to it soon. In the meanwhile, I hope that the technical stuff wasn't too bad. I tried to explain each step. Something you just have to accept (like whether or not I chose the right formulas for some of the engineering calculations), but I hope it's easy enough to get the idea for a layman. For more Merkur-specific and less engineering-specific conversation, check out my road car thread:


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