Carlisle 2005 "Fun Field" Award Winners

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 3-5, 2005.
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Carlisle 2005 "Fun Field" Award Winners

Post by webmaster » Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:48 am

Carlisle Productions Award Winners:

Congratulations to all!

The following are Carlisle Events Award winners. These are judged by a 'Public Opinion' ballot vote to determine the best car in each class. The "Fun Field" awards are then made in a drive through award ceremony at the main grandstand on Sunday afternoon. It's quite a sight to see several hundred best in class cars drive in front of the stand and get their award from Bill Miller.

Award winners not present at the Sunday award ceremony will receive their plaques in the mail.

85 XR
1)Lynn Krause
2)Rick DaSilva
3)Reed Kneele

86 XR
1)Jeff Lynch
2)John Eyler
3)Dennis & Roberta Edwards Sr

87 XR
1)Leslie Roberts
2)Robert MacDonald
3)Jeff Herson

88 XR
1)Donald Bergman
2)John Holiday
3)Edward Shawcross

1)Paul West
2)Joe Bilock
3)Andrew West

85 XR
1)George Schultz
2)Jeremy Rivera
3)Eric Mascoll

86 XR
1)Michael Blood
2)Cliff Walton
3)Phil Marshall

87 XR
1)Wolf Blecher
2)Wesley Phillips
3)David Wilkinson

88 XR
1)Eric & Taryn Cotos
2)Michael & Matt Rutherford
3)Mark Hamilton

89 XR
1)David Godfrey
2)Phil Dorsey/ OPMD
3)Noel Williams

88-89 Stock:
1)Jack Middleton
2)Chuck Dracksler
3)Bill Birmingham

88-89 Modified
1)Steve Radosevich
2)Saul Rivkin
3)Dimitri Wittal

Once again, congratulations to all. For a complete listing of all winners over the past 10 years of Merkurs at Carlisle, click here.

Paul West