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Some Individual Thank-you's...

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:31 am
Before too much time passes by, I want to take a moment and thank a few people for their help and support in making the Carlisle weekend a success for all of us involved. Apologies in advance if I forget someone, as I'm just going from memory here. In no particular order....

John Brennan, for jumping in and manning the registration desk Friday night
Scott Williams, for processing our record level of new memberships, and incredibly long hours invested to hand-produce the XR4Ti candy bars for the banquet
Connie Anglin, for baking 250 of "Eve's Cookies". I'm sure Eve was smiling down on all of us.
Mike Ruth & Paul VanHook, for handling crowd control and registration at the banquet
Paul West & family, for handling a million details, far too numerous to list

Larry Hallenback, for organizing the best-attended seminars ever
Ron Arnold, for getting his mint XR to Carlisle a day early for display in the Invitational building, and help with the marathon goody bag stuffing "event" Thursday night
Norm Tannehill, for finding a new t-shirt vendor and artist on incredibly short notice when the first one failed to deliver
Jerry Chandler, "Mr. Convoy" for nine years running!
Jeff Lynch, for helping people navigate the maze of spaces as they arrived on the show-field
Saul Rivkin & David Godfrey, for implementing new and different judging awards
Peter Cipolla, for organizing the largest gathering of Merkurs on a race track EVER! (parade lap gatherings don't count!)
Cliff Walton, for being everyone's "Mr. Fix-it" at Watkins Glen
Bob Saffian & Steve Kummerfeldt, our two new members of the Board of Directors

I didn't forget our sponsors - I'll have a separate message going out in the next day or two listing our sponsors with their contact info.

Thanks to everyone for showing up. The bar has been raised. Did someone say 300 cars in 2010 for the 25th???