See what happens when Anglin changes his signature....

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See what happens when Anglin changes his signature....

Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

And why do you say "fawk" all the time?

I"m fawking joking dude, fawkin relax.
Goddam it its a fawki shame that some guys do one thing and other do others, its more like FAWK why don't they actually have a standard so we can compare sheet.
I'm getting fed up with touchy guys so fawkin RELAX.
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Post by milehighXR »

Fawk, fawk, fawk. What The fawk over? :lol:

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Post by MerlinMerkur »

Is that like a hybird bird or something?
Like.. foxbat? But Fawk?

lol idk.
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Post by Frag »

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