Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Post by lckyrocket »

Happy New Year guys!!

My resolutions:

1) Get my Merkur w/in 3 weeks from now :D
2) Drop a little weight :roll: (cliche)
3) Make it down to Carlise
4) ....andddd some other stuff that doesn't matter much :lol:

Again, Happy New Year!!

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John Brennan
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Post by John Brennan »

Yes, Happy New Year. This is the year I start working for myself, and not for other people... and the year I start writing my book! :idea:
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Post by wilky »

Happy new year to my fellow Merkur nutters!!


PS: Can't wait for the "How to survive life with a Merkur" book John!!
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Post by Merkur »

Happy New Year everyone.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy & prosperous 2006.

Paul "the Brit" West
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Post by Colin »

Haaaaaappy 2006, guys. It's crazy how fast time passes... :shock:

My resolutions include attending Carlisle, getting the XR running and tuned, and not breaking a timing belt... :o

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Post by KingpinCEO »

happy new year everyone.

my resolution is to not get my first brand new car repo'ed. just gotta keep up the payment :lol:
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Post by tannehilln »

Happy New Year to all

A whole new year to use to restore Merkurs!

Well actuallly since I am almost where I want my XR

I amy start looking for a Spitfire to do a frame off restoration on

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Norm Tannehill

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