Who is going to Carlisle this year?

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 2-4, 2006.

Are you going to Carlisle?

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Or Carlisle?
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Post by LS2XR4 »

I am going to try to make it. Will be my first.... but i have to drag my car to Ft lauderdale first, for my re-location. then drive up to carlisle.. I was not driving my car all the way to carlisle from Santa monica, CA
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Post by lckyrocket »

Hey guys, I'm def going to be down there. Found a 1986 XR4Ti Auto w/ 46,000 miles so I'm going down to check it out in PA within the week.

Regardless of whether I buy it or not, I'll be there.
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Post by wilky »

I'll be there with at least the XR and RS. Only reason I'm bringing the RS is that I ran out of beer room on the XR wing!

It's gonna be great to get together again eh!

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Post by fastmaul »

I should be there with only T's car, I don't think the RS will be going this year. :(
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Post by jkxr4ti »

Brad, any word on a glen event for this year?
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Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

jkxr4ti wrote:Brad, any word on a glen event for this year?
Well, it IS scheduled for precisely the same two days following Carlisle again in 2006, so we'll probably do the mad dash north from Carlisle again on Sunday afternoon. The timing really is a double-edged sword kind of thing - in a perfect world, the WGI event would be on Tue & Wed rather than Mon & Tue, but I know for some people the Mon-Tue thing works better. Me, I could really use a wind-down day in-between.
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Post by Ray »

i'm going to go. possibly in the XR, if not, the focus.

i was there in 2003 and i remember the lineup of XRs... little did i know my parents would finally say "okay ray, take the damned car."

if the XR does make it, i hope to have the suspension setup installed and possibly the cage. we'll see.
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Post by richardcurtis »

Only missed one since 1996; i forget which one. Hoping we have a large contingent from Northern Virginia-D.C.-Md.
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Post by jasonty »

i just hope that peter has his trailer with him :lol:
richardcurtis wrote:Only missed one since 1996; i forget which one. Hoping we have a large contingent from Northern Virginia-D.C.-Md.
jason yancey
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Post by dedwards »

Currently planning to attend in 2006. This would be 5 out of last 6 for Roberta & I.
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Post by Khobin~ »

One year I will make it to Carlisle...but not this one...no cash to go, and I only get 2 weeks vacation, ergo I'd get to drive there, spend a day, maybe 2 the drive back....

but one day I will make it, and drive the xr the whole way...

http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main ... &2s=PA&2z=

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Post by Colin »

Well $#!%.. that makes my journey look like a walk in the park! :lol:

http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main ... &2s=PA&2z=
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Post by Guest »

xrian wrote:Sorry guys but no can do in '06
Well, another post is ruined. How about quitting?
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Post by kuafos »

Well, another post is ruined. How about quitting
i think someone has infiltrated the ranks....
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Post by xrian »

Yep! The idiot is posting in a few places. Just crap. Ignor the looser.
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