Trivia Questions & Answers

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 2-4, 2006.
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Trivia Questions & Answers

Post by DPDISXR4Ti » Sun Jun 11, 2006 11:34 am

I must admit, I had fun putting this one together. Note to self.... Have a tie-breaker plan in place for next year. Good thing the final answer sheet submitted had 8 correct (vs 7) or there would have been a 4-way tie! :shock:

1) What function does this perform on a XR4Ti?
A) Foam cushion surrounding A/C evaporator
B) Folding parcel shelf door hinge limiter
C) Anti-squeak foam block from behind dashboard
D) End seal for false fire-wall

2) What is this?
A) Intermediate steering shaft - Scorpio
B) Intermediate steering shaft - XR4Ti
C) Lateral linkage arm – Scorpio
D) Lateral linkage arm – XR4Ti

3) What is the function of this nut and washer on a XR4Ti?
A) Fastens front bumper cover to body
B) Fastens front bumper bar to body
C) Fastens hatch to roof
D) Fastens rear bumper to body

4) Which car is this seat motor switch from?
A) 1987-built Scorpio
B) 1988-built Scorpio
C) 1989-built Scorpio
D) 1986-built Saab 9000

5) This nut is from which axle of the Merkur?
A) Front-right
B) Front-left
C) Rear-right
D) Rear-left

6) What is this part?
A) Engine Coolant Temperature sensor for EEC-IV
B) Engine Coolant Temperature sensor for Dashboard gauge
C) Engine Coolant Temperature switch for cooling fan
D) None of the above

7) What year/model is this speed sensor from?
A) 1985 XR4Ti
B) 1987 XR4Ti
C) 1989 XR4Ti
D) 1988 Scorpio

8) What is this?
A) HVAC solenoid from 1988 Scorpio
B) Idle control valve from 1989 XR4Ti
C) DPFE switch from 1989 Scorpio
D) Idle air control valve from 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano

9) What is this?
A) Driver side seat belt assembly spacer
B) Passenger side seat belt assembly spacer
C) Centering ring for center console
D) Rear seat belt assembly spacer

10) What is the purpose of this device?
A) Signal amplifier for radio antenna
B) Signal amplifier for optional factory-installed cell phone
C) Signal isolator for radio antenna
D) Temperature-sensitive delay relay for rear defroster