XR / Scorpio parts for Carlilse pick up (too much to list)

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XR / Scorpio parts for Carlilse pick up (too much to list)

Post by blugg » Tue May 13, 2008 2:21 pm

Hello just a post to share / remind those going to Carlilse PA All Ford Nationals June 7th and desiring to get large / heavy parts delivered. Such as seating / engine short blocks / engine heads / differentials / rear control arms / suspension items / doors / glass including windshield (XR only).

Also have a plethora of unique Merkur XR & Scorpio specific items on eBay right now with some ending today under eBay user name blugg that may be of interest:


item examples:

3 different turbo intercoolers -- T-Bird top mount / Large Front Mount / Supercoupe Front Mount

Scorpio Ghia badges -- give your Scorpio a euro look

XR elongated A/C hose, by-passing turbo area - just in time for summer

decent XR center cowl - goes right below front windshield

Parting of full XR blue cloth interior----hard to find this color

set of four 42# fuel injectors -- cleaned and flow tested

RS500 Cosworth like rear hatch spolier -- not genuine Cossy but is flexible urethane

Brand new XR / Scorpio center support bearing

pair of XR pop out window weather seals that are not split at mating point -- HTF unsplit

Of course this is just a small sample of offerings, but items usually not easily found. Can bring these or other parts to Carlilse for those attending. If your after something specific let me know via email blugg@msn.com

Thanks for the bandwidth and looking forward to Carlilse 2008 the year of the Scorpio!!!!

Jeff Herson