Thank You for another great Carlisle!

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 6-8, 2008.
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Thank You for another great Carlisle!

Post by merk23literturbo » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:34 pm

The guys who do the work to make Carlisle possible deserve a huge thanks for all their unrewarded effort. I thank everyone of you for all your work and I'm sure some sacrifice of your personal time. If I tried to list the names I'm sure I would forget one, and I don't want to do that, but we all know who you are. :D
Thank You guys for a great weekend!
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Post by MerlinMerkur » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:42 pm

2nd That!!

Motion to hand out golden cookies!

Idk where we'll get that but..

Seriously though, a heartfelt bow to those with MCA leadership and assorted admins and of course our sponsors again for making all of Carlisle what it is, and will be in the future.

You keep Merkur alive.
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Post by MerkurScorpio » Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:35 pm

I have to include my thanks to everyone from the MCA for all they did to make Carlisle a success again! Still the most-exciting weekend of the entire year.
-Paul-Michael Van Hook, Northeastern PA
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Post by DPDISXR4Ti » Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:12 am

You're welcome. :oops: As time-consuming as it is, it is very rewarding to be responsible in small way with a bunch of people having a good time.

Ed Lijewski
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Post by Ed Lijewski » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:31 am

:notworthy :applause

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