Something to check - before your Carlisle trip!

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 1-3, 2012.
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Something to check - before your Carlisle trip!

Post by JimG »

Check the driveshaft coupling ( Guibo - rotoflex coupling - etc ) As you prepare for the trip to Carlisle or any other road trip, I recommend that you closely inspect this very important item. Mine had what appeared to be a hairline crack, but when removed proved to be broken - no vibration, nothing - but was indeed broken. It probably would not be long till it became a serious issue. Certainly something that I wouldn't like to fail along the way and far from home!

You have to drop the driveshaft and the support bearing to replace, easier on a lift ( isn't everything? ) but not terribly difficult without one

Bought one at oempartshaus $27 plus shipping -

Jim Gosses
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Re: Something to check - before your Carlisle trip!

Post by MerkurRS »

Replace parts BEFORE Carlisle? Where's the parking lot fun?
...scratch that from the seminar list.
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