2014 Carlisle Events Awards Winners

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2014 Carlisle Events Awards Winners

Post by Merkur » Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:21 pm

Congratulations to all the Carlisle Events award winners I have listed below. These cars were selected on a pure popularity poll - every person that attends the Carlisle show receives a voting sheet to select their favorite cars. Votes are tallied and the award winners received their plaques in a drive-through ceremony on Sunday afternoon. If you did not pick up your plaque on Sunday, it can be mailed to you for a fee.

1985-87 Stock XR4Ti
1st Brian Hart
2nd Joe Hoffman
3rd Randall Pritschau

1985-87 Modified XR4Ti
1st Constantine Efstathiou
2nd Brad Anesi
3rd Anthony Pinardi

1988-89 Stock XR4Ti
1st Paul West
2nd Mario Prisc
3rd Larry Hallenbeck

1988-89 Modified XR4Ti
1st Carl Trost
2nd Anthony Acevedo
3rd Bary Dyshuk

1988-89 Stock Scorpio*
1st Chuck Draksler
2nd Scott Williams

Celebrity Pick Award chosen by Brad Anesi: Ed Stanley

* There were no modified ’88-’89 Scorpios.

Well done everybody. The pictures are posted on Facebook or on Picasa at http://bit.ly/1xQJUtB

All the best,

Paul "the Brit" West
Oakland, NJ