Carlisle Events 2017 Award Winners

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Carlisle Events 2017 Award Winners

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Congratulations to all the Carlisle Events award winners I have listed below. These cars were selected on a pure popularity poll - every person that attends the Carlisle show receives a voting sheet to select their favorite cars. Votes are tallied and the award winners received their plaques in a drive-through ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

The complete award list is posted here:

1985-87 Stock XR4Ti
1st Joe Hoffman
2nd Jeremy Enix
3rd Mike Wyatt

1985-87 Modified XR4Ti
1st Constantine Efstathiou
2nd Sean O'Connor
3rd Brad Anesi

1988-89 Stock XR4Ti
1st Paul West
2nd Larry Hallenbeck
3rd Jeremy Kemp

1988-89 Modified XR4Ti
1st Enzo Pocali
2nd Tomi Blaydes (and Celebrity pick award by Brad Anesi)
3rd VJ Prisc

1988-89 Stock Scorpio*
1st Saul Rivkin
2nd Saul Rivkin
3rd Chuck Draxler

1988-89 Modified Scorpio*
1st Scott Williams
2nd Brian Hart

Euro Fords
1st Wes Phillips (Celebrity Pick by Bill Miller Junior, Carlisle Events)
2nd Boyd Hensley (Celebrity Pick by Jeremy Gillings, Focus Rising)
3rd Jan Talian

Well done everybody. See you next year!

All the best,

Paul "the Brit" West
Doylestown, PA