A Celebration of a Merkur Legend, Jim Wirt

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 3-5, 2022
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A Celebration of a Merkur Legend, Jim Wirt

Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

Just 3 months to go until Merkurs at Carlisle 2022, where we will be celebrating the life of a Merkur legend, Jim Wirt. An owner of four registered and daily-driven Merkurs, most of us know Jim Wirt's name via his many technical postings over the past three decades, or perhaps because you bought his neat invention, the MerkMeter. Many of us had the pleasure of meeting Jim and his family, either through his local activities in the Southern California area, or on one of his cross-country trips from San Diego to Carlisle. Jim had a passion for life coupled with an amazing intellect - his interests ran wide and deep, and was always ready to help others.

Sadly, Jim unexpectedly passed on in 2014. His wife contacted me recently about donating Jim's collection of Merkur parts and tools to the Merkur community, and I've recently received several boxes full. We've decided they'll be given away at Merkurs at Carlisle 2022 as part of our awards ceremony. It's a fitting way to pass on Jim's legacy by letting his parts keep Merkurs alive and running down the road.

Join us at Merkurs at Carlisle 2022.
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Re: A Celebration of a Merkur Legend, Jim Wirt

Post by andyofcolumbusmerkur »

Driving a Merkur across the country sounds awesome. Almost makes me want to move to the west coast. It's also pretty cool those tools and parts will get some good use and not just sit around collecting dust. :D
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Re: A Celebration of a Merkur Legend, Jim Wirt

Post by milehighXR »

Good to hear his tools and such will go to other owners. I remember meeting up with him and Steve K in 05 to convoy to Carlisle.

I still have my magnet.

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