Avo Coilovers with price, and photo.

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Avo Coilovers with price, and photo.

Post by Matt01 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:58 pm

Hi guys, some of you may have seen this post, but now its official.

These coilovers were purchased from the UK, and they cost me a fortune. They were leaking when they arrived, and I never saw any compensation from the seller. I inquired to AVO about getting them rebuilt, its not too bad, but I decided since I already had so much invested in these I would cut my losses and buy new ones. These are height adjustable and dampening.

I would like 400$ nego plus shipping for them. Much, Much less than what I paid considering the exchange rate. I can get a pretty good shipping price too.

This is the info AVO gave me about the rebuild.
"approx £25-35 each + vat return carriage £10 + vat
send in it to us, include a note with name address and contact number, once done we ring you for payment and we return units, turnaround time is 5-10 days"
It would be around 230$ US for the rebuild, maybe a bit more. That would make about 630$ + shipping for a set of fully rebuilt coilovers. I know people pay much more than that for just fronts.


Also I would be interested in some trades or partial trades + cash. Pimpx, ported head, ported upper/lower intake.


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